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The Game Changer For All Mens Grooming Since 2011

Gentlemen's Republic Barbersalon & Men's Spa is manliness epitomized. The Ultimate Grooming Experience Every Man Deserves -

This is where traditional barbering + modern spa services + awesome amenities meet since 2011. Sit back, relax, get groomed - then enjoy a complimentary cigar, cocktail, coffee, or cold one in our private lounge or outdoor patio. Or better yet try our bottle service on the patio. Bring your friends and enjoy a gents day out.

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Gentlemen's Republic Barbersalon & Mens Spa

Men's haircuts + beard grooming + mens spa in el paso, texas

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Need A House Account

House Accounts allow customers to have an account with us (like a Gift Card) but functions like a credit card, where there is a limit and a balance. When services or purchases are made, the balance of the account goes down and when a payment on the acct is made the balance goes back up. Clients use it to treat their employees, for their children or as treat for others.

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GROOMS PARTIES - We Invented Them.

Call Us To Book Your Special Day


Father's Day Gift Cards

Gift cards are available for your favorite gentleman.



The staff interact with the client and make sure that the Client gets 100% satisfaction

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EL Paso's #1 destination location for all things 'man'